Thursday, September 10, 2009

Decorate: Boys' Room

By Designing Mom Jackie

The boys' room is one of my favorite spaces. It's playful and comfortable, while also having a "grown-up" sensibility that ties in with the overall style of our house. I like to pair vintage with modern, whimsical with sophisticated, solids with patterns. The minimalist in me can't stand clutter so I am also extremely fond of baskets, bins, and buckets for storing toys, puzzles, dominoes, Mister Potato head and our ever growing collection of trains.

Even though I call this the boys' room, I have to admit that technically it's still just Graham's room. We are anticipating that our kids will eventually be roommates, but so far, it has yet to happen. For those of you moms with multiple kids reading this, I'm sure you know how hard it is to get the room sharing thing worked out. A lot harder than I anticipated! (Any suggestions for how to make this work would be appreciated in the comment field). While I envision a future with bunk beds for now, Simon is still sleeping in a crib in our room while Graham gets this room all to himself.

Here's a little montage to give you a sense of what this room looks like:

1. One of my favorite garage sale finds, this Zero fan actually works! The blue and orange tie in perfectly with the color scheme of the room.

2. Little Simon hanging out on our freebie Eames chair (a curbside find that my husband scored years ago). The color is awesome and it's super comfortable.

3. A rocking horse that my neighbor made for his son 20 years. It's on loan until the boys grow out of it. Hours of entertainment!

4. Detail of G's bed, which my husband made, topped with Dwell bedding.

5. G loves books and games, we have a growing collection of both. The backdrop of the photo is "Caps for Sale," which I have read at least 999 times at this point. Love the vintage nature of these game pieces, which Graham likes to use as little hats to act out the story.

6. The requisite globe.

7. A photograph by Nina Zurier paired with a vintage inspired orange clock.

8. The boy in his bed.

9. Stacking alphabet blocks with great vintage images and bright colors. We tend to rotate these, since there are pictures on all four sides.


Ry Sal said...

May I ask about the dresser/chest of drawers in your main picture? We are on the hunt for a solution for our son's room -- love your style! Thanks.

Jackie Kersh said...

hi there - it's a flea market find. it was originally green and we painted it orange. i think it was part of a kitchen originally.

Our Designing Moms said...

i'm a minimalist at heart too but a failure at execution--you'll have to share your tips on organization with us Jackie!

Earthy Beginnings said...

Jackie, I wrote about modern bunkbeds (no not the type we grew up knowing) a while ago. The link is below. I think you guys should look at these for inspiration since you guys are soooo crafty. Trust me with beds like these (I should really say rooms) I don't think your little ones would mind sharing spaces! Take in mind these rooms do have a tween feel but you can work around it to suit their ages. Good luck!

mer said...

so cute! I have the same color scheme going on in my boys room (and the same Urban Outfitters fox :)).

diber said...

This is a great room!

I have two boys that look to be about the same ages as your two. And would eventually like them to share now. We just got the Ikea KURA reversible bed, because the bottom bunk is essentially a mattress on hte floor. It's my goal to gradually transition the younger one there. Starting with naps. I'm giving myself a year.

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