Thursday, February 12, 2009

Designing Moms: Meet Jackie

When I saw photos of Jackie's home in the East Bay I fell instantly in love with her sense of style and talent for making her living space both beautiful and creative for her kids and husband. You can only imagine how fun craft projects must be for them as a family!

Name: Jackie

Nutshell: I live in Berkeley with my two little boys, Graham & Simon, and my husband Gabriel. I am completely outnumbered by the men in my life, but am learning how to work that to my advantage. I love bargains, cucumbers, stripes, short stories, wallpaper, ballet flats, popsicles, maps, rubber stamps, and the color green. I am a terrible cook, a pretty good cleaner, and a very good multi-tasker.

What I do: I worked in the art world for about ten years pre-babies. Now i’m at home with my kids and a free-lance writer and non-profit consultant. While I do not formally have a career in design like most of the other moms on this blog, I hope that some day my love of art, crafts, and all things design will magically morph into some kind of semi-respectable career path. Until then, I try to take advantage of any free time that I have (in between diapers, laundry, and stints on the monkey bars) to explore these interests in more depth. I plan to contribute posts to the blog about kid-friendly decor, craft projects, raising boys, and anything else i can think of.

What inspires me: I know it sounds cliché, but my family and friends. My husband is a builder extraordinaire, an amazing chef, and has a knack for scoring great curbside finds. Graham and Simon continually amaze me by their natural sense of innovation, delight in the everyday things we don’t think twice about, and their genuine playfulness. My friends are chock full of endless talent, and motivate me to see the world in unexpected ways.

What’s a day in the life like for me: Do you really wanna know? Wake, feed, dress, drop-off, pick-up, clean-up, feed, bathe, sleep. In between all that i work about 20 hours a week, spend way too much time on Facebook, and try my best to eat three meals a days and take my vitamins.

Thank you Jackie! I have since coined Jackie our resident "crafty Oz" so be on the watch for her wonderful DIY projects. You can also see more pictures of her house at More Ways to Waste Time

and Sugar City Journal.


Our Designing Moms said...

Welcome Jackie! Was the wooden car one of your hubby's curbside finds? Love it.

j+g said...

it was actually gabe's toy when he was a child. gabe's curbside finds are generally chairs, though he does come home with other random stuff now and then.

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