Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Lists: Baby Crib Bedding

I thought I would kick off a category that we're all excited about called Our Lists. I invite you all to add-on to our lists at any time. I'll be introducing some fun "lists" from the other Designing Moms on a continual basis and hope we can all build a mini-library together!

So what's been on my mind when it comes to lists lately? Crib bedding.
First, I had to get over the fact that crib bedding can easily cost as much or more than the crib itself. But I was pleasantly surprised that the options are plentiful...from organic mod circles to woodland squirrels scurrying up oak trees.

1. Dwell Studio for Target Circles
2. Organic White Bedding
3. Maddy Boo Amanda Bedding
4. Super Natural Alphabets Crib Bedding
5. Amenity Woodlands Squirrel Crib Bedding
6. Gap Organic Jungle Bumper
7.Gap Organic Safari Crib Sheet
8.Willow Organic Crib Bedding
9. Dwell Studio Gio Lemon Crib Bedding


j+g said...

number four is calling my name....

Carrie's Mom said...

I'm expecting my second and I am going to splurge for bedding (for both girls). I have been loving woodsy anything lately!!

Anonymous said...

oooh! so lovely!! Get more
baby bedding collections from Spacify.

Abagail said...

Stunning designs of those baby crib bedding!! Looking great!!

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