Monday, February 16, 2009

Designing Moms: Meet Erika

Erika's company, Delphine, creates fabulous stationery and custom invitations and I was soooo happy to be able to meet her and her husband in person when they exhibited in San Francisco ( where I also got to pick up some of their woodland themed note pads and cards for the boutique!). Erika is so refreshingly sweet and talented, it is a real treat to have her be a part of Designing Moms!

Nutshell: I live in Rancho Santa Fe, California (just north of San Diego) in a four-generation household with my husband, John, our son, S (he’s five), my grandmother and my parents (yes, we love living together; no we don’t fight. Are we crazy? Perhaps).

What I do: I’m a graphic designer and business owner. I design a letterpress stationery and custom invitation line, Delphine. I also design logos and corporate identities, design a line of photo cards for, blog and am launching a new eco-friendly stationery line this spring.

What inspires me: My amazing, talented, wonderful, creative family inspires me daily. I’m also inspired by the natural world: the color of sand after it’s sluiced by a wave, the shape of a flower petal, the pattern of little birdie footprints in the garden. I love paper, pattern, the written word, all shades of green, the sound of the surf, traveling, Charleston, oyster roasts, Paris, crepes, cafĂ© au lait, macaroons, weddings and the smell of the press room.

A day-in-my-life:
In the morning I snuggle with my son while he watches cartoons, drink lots of coffee, blog, get S ready for preschool, drink more coffee, and pack S’s lunchbox. I swear nothing makes me feel more like a mom than packing a lunchbox. The rest of my day is spent running Delphine: designing, answering emails, juggling phone calls, preparing proofs, writing creative briefs, running to press checks, answering more emails, and drinking more coffee. Evenings the entire household eats together and we catch up on everyone’s news. Usually S holds court at dinner, regaling us with stories from the sandbox, technical details about trains, or questions about how how electricity works. I have a fabulous, crazy, busy, wonderful life!


jackie said...

erika - love your work and am truly impressed about living situation! look forward to reading more about your new stationery line and book recommendations.

Our Designing Moms said...

Welcome Erika! I can't wait to see the new eco doubt it's going to be amazing :).

Tori Higa Stationery said...

wow! i loved reading your story as i have been a fan of your designs for a while now. i actually recently purchased some of your place cards for a shower i was throwing - and they were a big hit! everyone took them home as if they were the favors!

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