Thursday, February 19, 2009

Designing Moms: Meet Shinmin

I had so much fun with Shinmin the other week inhaling yam fries, talking about our bellies and scrutinizing mobiles at the baby shop, Giggle. We were first introduced by a mutual client who exclaimed, "Shinmin does wonders with cakes, you need to meet her..." And she wasn't kidding! Shinmin's work is artful and in a league of its own. I am so happy to call her a cherished friend and introduce this Designing Mom (2 Be!) to all of you.

Name: My name is Shinmin. I’m a cake artist and mother-to-be. My due date is March 15th 2009, which means that I still have about a month to go, but judging from the size of my belly and intuition, I feel it may be sooner. I’m so happy to be a part of the Designing Moms team.

What I do: My two obsessions are Food and Art. After studying graphic Design and painting at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, and subsequently taking an intense program in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, I decided I couldn’t live without design or sweets. So I started a company where I could make art out of cake. That was the birth of my first baby, I Dream of Cake, established in 2003. Then in 2005, I opened a boutique in North Beach that was coined “The World’s First Cake Gallery” by Modern Bride.

What inspires me: I’m fortunate to live and work in San Francisco, a city bursting with bold colors and refined style. So I’m inspired by everything around me. A great print on a vintage dress, the feel of letterpressed paper, the city lights reflected in a street puddle, the smell of caramel cooking……

What’s a typical day in my life:
I spend almost everyday in my cake gallery, building cakes to crazy heights, creating edible haute couture pieces, painting a portrait onto a cake, making fine detailed sugar flowers, and of course eating cake. An eight hour day at my studio can feel like a lifetime or fly by in one minute. Time is almost always a blur when working with sugar. After work, I cook dinner at home with my husband who is more of a foodie than me, and a better cook. But I always make dessert.


libbydibby said...

I just peeked at your website. I have never seen such beautiful cakes, Shinmin. What an amazing talent you have. lovely, just lovely.
many congrats on your upcoming "production"

nice to "meet" you!

jackie said...

your talent is so inspiring...that little baby of yours is going to have the fanciest bday cakes ever!

Our Designing Moms said...

Welcome Shinmin! That amazing twin cake flower looks really familiar :)

delphine said...

So nice to "meet" you Shinmin. Those cakes look gorgeous! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your creative process, and your little one, too, of course!

Earthy Beginnings said...

Shinmin your Marshall drum set cake is any musician mom's dream! Love the attention to detail in all your cakes. Congrats and best of luck with your new addition.

Jo Park said...

hey there! i'm jealous of your ability to make such lovely cakes and that you live in S.F. I was born and raised there but I'm currently living in NYC with my fiance and our little 4 month old. I am a writer and I just started a blog on motherhood. Hope you are faring well with that scrumptous belly of yours...they are precious!

shinmin said...

Wow, thanks for all your wonderful words and support. My little secret struggle right now is actually NOT balancing work with baby stuff, it's the sugar! I've always had a sweet tooth, but now I find it impossible to stay away from the sweets and chocolate. :)

I can't wait to read more from all of you creative mommies out there.

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