Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Designing Moms: Meet Guissell

Being eco-conscious was something important for me take on with my business but now with a little one on the way, being environmentally responsible carries more resonance than ever. I love that Guissell's "Earthy Beginnings" biz endeavors to balance both eco and style for kids and look forward to her future posts here!

Name: Guissell

Nutshell: I was born in the outskirts of a mountain in Rimac, a province in Lima , Peru to a family of musicians. Made my way to the Big Apple and have lived here since I was 8. Currently I reside in Astoria, NY which is one of the closest cities to Manhattan (or at least I like to think so). I live with the “hubster,” Hercules, a restaurant mg in the city, and our almost 2 ½ year old son, Emmanuel.

What I do: I joined the Garment Industry right after high school since I needed a full-time job to pay for college. I worked as a Product Development Manager right up to the end of last year and since have dedicated myself to my home, family, and my company. I am the person behind Earthy Beginnings, an eco kids clothing line I launched in December 2008. I also do freelance CAD work, graphic design, and web design for small business through Indie Design Studio.

When time permits, I indulge in my musician side, play a little on my upright piano and with my fender tele, but I sing for most of the day while I work; good for the soul. I also love solving math problems, doing independent Neuro-psych research (something I started to focus on before graduating), and watch lots of home d├ęcor programs.

What inspires me: My son and his future on this earth, music, environment, art, humility, beautiful homes, inquisitive minds, color palettes, acts of kindness, textures, education, architecture, love of all sorts, child’s laughter, photography, and selflessness.

A day-in-my-life: “Mommy wate up wate up” followed by a kiss and a big hug which must transport my son onto the middle of my bed (yes this happens every morning, I am blessed indeed). Make some coffee, make breakfast, make his lunchbox, put on school uniform, take him to school, run back, wake up the hubster, wake up the hubster attempt #2, …. that can go on for 1hr and a half, prepare his on-the-go coffee so he can catch the train.

Once I am by myself I drink coffee, check emails, blog, read blogs, check emails, finish any project I may be working on, burn some screens as needed, print as needed, ship as needed. Try to squeeze some home time before my son gets back from school (ie: run errands, buy groceries, laundry, clean, cook … whatever the day calls for). Pick up my son, spend time with him, feed, change, bathe, put to sleep, … all the good stuff. Work some more if necessary or research to simply wait for the hubster to get home. My days usually run well into 1am-2am at times and start at 7-8am, but I am the happiest I have ever been. I am very lucky to be able to stay home and dedicate myself to my art with this economy; feel very blessed indeed.


j+g said...

you are one busy lady! i love those tshirt and E is adorable. look forward to reading more about your and your interests.

p.s. i was born in lima, peru. small world!

Our Designing Moms said...

Welcome Guissell! I also love youe t shirts :).

libbydibby said...

what a lovely image of a simple life (the best kind) - even in the big city!

Earthy Beginnings said...

Jackie, it is a small world indeed... and here I was thinking I was the only international flavor... ha! Your kids are super cute!

Cat, thanks for the opportunity! This is going to be fun I can tell...

Lib, yes, simply life is the best!

Ladies, thank you for your kind remarks! If I could be of any help just let me know... looking forward to our future design exchanges : )))

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