Friday, March 20, 2009

Decorate: Single Most Favorite Thing in My Kid's Room

I have a question for all of you: What is your favorite "thing" in your kid's room? I love that Tori's favorite "thing" has so much nostalgia attached to it.

Tori: I have so many things in my son's room that I just love but if I had to pick one favorite item, it would have to be an oil painting of a scene from Noah's Arc that hung in my room for all of my childhood. I can remember just loving the painting as a child and even learning how to draw animals and flowers based on the artist's rendering. I was thrilled when my mom brought out the vintage painting from her garage to add as the perfect touch to her grandson's nursery. We chose to hang it on the side of a built in bookcase which works really well. I know the colors are a bit loud--but that's part of the seventies charm.


j+g said...

i'm amazed that you still have that thing around! my mom just chucked everything every few years. it does make me think about what i want to keep around for my kids to pass along to their kids in the future.

Tori Higa Stationery said...

there are positives and negatives to having pack rat tendencies. :) i'm a throw away or give away person myself, but i've started to appreciate the fact that my mom saves everything now that i am older.

lotta said...

I love this painting and the fact that you are sharing something you treasured with your son. My mom also saved many of our childhood things. When I was younger I had no interest, but now I love to go through all the boxes and relive pieces of the past.

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