Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Decorate: I Heart Etsy

I Heart Etsy

by Jackie

When I was pregnant with Simon (now 8 months old), I did the bulk of my baby shopping through Etsy. I found myself uninspired by the mass-market stuff out there, and really wanted some unique handmade and vintage items to add to the mix.

I know I’m not alone in my love for Etsy. Many of my favorite blogs have whole categories dedicated to their etsy finds of the day. However, the site is pretty darn big and it can be a bit overwhelming at times to navigate through all the cuteness (and not so cuteness) to find exactly what you want. So, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite baby/kid finds:
Streeterville Diaper Bag from Retrofied

I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw that red button against the chocolate brown fabric. The great thing is that I was able to customize the bag, choosing an aviary bird print for the interior. Added bonus – it’s reversible! Brilliant when your bag is “decorated” with all those new baby stains and you don’t quite have time to wash it in between naps.

Mod Green Trees Minky Baby Blanket from One Lucky Baby
Stylish and soft, this blanket is a baby shower hit every time! I bought one for Simon and then a couple more for friends with newborns. I love that you can customize the blanket to get just the combination of fabrics that you like. (I loved this mod green trees fabric so much, I even had Erin make some matching pillowcases for our playroom).
Vintage French Poster from English Cookies

I was on the mad hunt for vintage posters for the playroom. I scoured local flea markets, but couldn’t find just the right thing. By sheer luck, I stumbled upon this adorable French poster from 1966 from English Cookies. It has great illustrations on both sides and I spent way too much time trying to decide which side to display. I went for the image of the little French family eating the galette des rois.

Fly Away wall graphic from EllyNelly

The recent decal craze couldn’t make me happier. What a fun, easy way to add punch to a room without a major commitment. When snooping around Etsy, I was instantly drawn to these birds from EllyNelly. Graham loves to look at them when he’s lying in his bed and I love to look at them when I’m walking down the hall and peak into his room (pictured above). They are available in a ton of colors, so don’t hold back!

Hat and booties from ManiMina

Just because I don’t have a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t drool over the bevy of ADORABLE accessories out there for the little ladies in my life. I bought this hat and bootie set for my friend Amanda when her baby girl was born last spring. I can’t imagine a more perfect way to protect baby's feet and head.

Bearded men by AshleyG

When shopping for art for the G & S’s room, I tried my best to avoid images of the expected boy fare: sports, sailors, Disney characters, tool sets, cars, cowboys, etc. You get my point. I wanted colorful and engaging, but also something that I personally wouldn’t mind looking at day in and day out. I knew etsy would be my best bet. Among my favorite purchases are these prints from Ashley Goldberg’s “bearded men” series. I bought four of them, popped them in cheap Ikea frames, and voila! An art wall. These days, with two kids running around, I seem to have less time for Etsy-ing. But, I try to squeeze in a little here and there. Gotta get my fix.

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Tori Higa Stationery said...

wow - another great post, jackie. i'm especially loving the vintage french poster. what a great find! and i also LOVE the bearded men series for a boy's room. too cute...

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