Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Lists: Baby Cribs

I have exciting news to share with all of you! Designing Mom Shinmin delivered a baby girl on Sunday--a big congrats to her, hubby and baby! In ode to the joyous new arrival, I thought I'd post up her very stylish and thorough list of baby cribs.
*And FYI: the Amy Coe crib at the very bottom of Shinmin's list is on sale. Armed with my Babies R Us coupons, I just bought one for the nursery.

By Designing Mom Shinmin

Since we have not purchased a crib yet, I've been scouring the market for the perfect one. My husband and I want to take our time to find the perfect crib. So for now when the baby arrives, we plan on letting the creature sleep in the bugaboo bassinet (my husband and I call our baby "the creature" because he doesn't know the sex).

While searching for the perfect crib, I have 3 basic requirements.
1. It has to look great.
2. I want a convertible crib so that we can use it as a toddler bed for the years to come.
3. It has to be well built and safe.

Here are my top finds.

High End: These are some great covetables, love-to-have, but hard-to-buy.

This one is from the Ola! collection, made by Casa Kids. I love the rounded corners and the Brazilian Lyptus hardwood. $850.
This one is called Nurseryworks Studio Crib, designed by TRUCK Product Architecture. This is my dream crib. I love when function is combined with design. And when you add clever space-saving hideaway features to the product, I become dizzy with delight. This crib has been perfectly thought out and immaculately designed. Here are some of the clever features of this crib. It comes with a big drawer under the crib. I love how the changing table tucks away neatly and perfectly. And when the baby grows into a kid, the changing table panel will work as a desk. Yours for $2,100.

This ducduc Parker convertible crib displays a bright and bold Unikko fabric pattern (by Marimekko) on the side panels. You can customize your crib and choose from ducduc's wide selection of fabric patterns. $1,445.

I love this one too, also from ducduc. It looks like a grown up bassinet to me. (that is with the logic that bassinets grow up to become cribs) $1,795.

Budget: Here are some great alternatives that won't break the bank.

This is Silver Lake Crib, made by DwellStudio for Target.
For $239, you have a smart looking convertible crib, with big drawer space underneath.

The Soho Crib, also by DwellStudio for Target, comes in walnut with pink or blue drawer accents. Though I'm not a fan of pink-for-girls or boy-for-boys designs, this crib is pretty sharp. Get it at Target for $229.

This is the crib that I'm considering for myself, the Mercer Convertible Crib by Da Vinci. It's clean, it's sleek, and the white and walnut colours work well with our room. And I'm digging the bonus drawer. I've seen this sold online for $400 - $450.

This is the Sweet Pea Modern Crib, sold at JCPenny. I've seen a much more expensive version of a similar design for over $1000. So this is a great knock off, provided that the quality doesn't suffer. But for the sale price of $279, you really can't complain. The side bookshelf is a great addition too.

This is the crib that I originally had on my registry, the Westport Lifetime Convertible Crib by Amy Coe. But it's been out of stock for over a month, so I'm looking elsewhere. This is goes for $350.


Tori Higa Stationery said...

congratulations on your newest family member, Shinmin! :)

j+g said...

happy baby to you! i'll be curious to see which crib you chose in the end.

lotta said...

Congrats Shinmin - much happiness to you and your family. Great crib picks!

Anonymous said...

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Aya said...

Congratulations, Shinmin!!! And great picks of cribs. I wanted the Ame Coe crib (storage at the bottom is key for me), but I failed to purchase while it was available. Now at the top of my list is Mercer Convertible Crib. I'd be curious which one you'd be getting for your baby girl. Let us know!

Jenn said...

I wish I could do it all over again - the crib is such a gorgeous piece of art and design... oh yah, and an obvious staple in the nursery!

I thought I had seen a lot of cribs, but I hadn't seen any of the ones on your list Shinmin. I'm in LOVE with the Ola! crib - your first in the list - but my husband would kill me if I bought another crib just for fun! We have the Oeuf Classic Crib and love it a lot, but there's something about those rounded corners on the Ola that are SO appealing. Yummm! Looks like I better start thinking about having another baby so we have reason to go crib shopping!

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