Friday, March 13, 2009

Bay Area Mommy

If any of you live in the Bay Area, there's a great blog called Bay Area Mommy started by two friends Misty and Emma. It posts local events and activities for moms and their little ones to get involved in which is often inspired by the local playgroup that they run.

Top five "creative" places to take kids in San Francisco:

Misty: Since our kids are toddlers here are a few of our favorite places to take them. 1) The San Jose Children's Discovery Museum 2) ZEUM 3) Super Franks 4) The Oakland Zoo 5) The Bay Area Discovery Museum

My favorite thing about raising children in the Bay Area is that our kids our exposed to so many different types of people and cultures. We have great museums specifically designed for children to explore and learn.

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jackie said...

i need to check out super franks, thanks for the suggestion!

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