Monday, March 9, 2009

Designing Moms: Meet Rubyellen

When I saw pictures for Rubyellen's introduction, I became enamored right away. What a beautiful family! I so appreciate the spirit and creativity that Rubyellen infuses into her family life. Her daughters Brave and True could not be luckier to have such a talented mom. Please help me welcome Designing Mom Rubyellen!

Name: Rubyellen

What I do:
I have always enjoyed the creative side of things since I was a little girl. One of my fondest memories was creating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dolls out of brown paper bags for my little brother.

For years, I have dabbled in different art mediums from drawing to painting and now sewing. Though I had a love for art, my love for children was stronger and I majored in Child and Adolescent Development and eventually became a teacher.

When my eldest daughter True was born, my career as a teacher was cut short. Since I decided to go into "early retirement," I had to learn to budget. While trying to be wise, but still funky and stylish, I started experimenting with felt and fabrics to come up with accessories and clothing for her girls. Thus, I was able to merge my love for art and children together.

What inspires me:
I continue to grow, learn, and get inspired from my daughters, Brave and True, and my husband, Ben, as well as many artists and the beautiful world around me. I am addicted to so many wonderful blogs.

What our typical day is like:
Ben leaves really early for work, so I am usually up at around 6AM. Early mornings, are my quiet times to either read my Bible, pray and get to some emails. When the girls wake up, it is a cycle of eating, reading, crafting, cleaning up their mess then putting them to nap. We do this all over again in the afternoon. Nap times are important for them (and me) because that is my work time. I have no idea what I am going to do when they no longer need naps! When my husband comes home, I beg him to cook dinner because he is a much better cook than me. He is very creative in the kitchen. He makes anything taste good... I am glad I married a creative dietitian!

Why the name "Cakies":
While pregnant with my girls, Ben and I could never agree on a name, so we called them "babycakies" until we decided on some names, which was after they were born. Hence, it was the perfect name to call my blog and shop because Cakies is for the "oh so sweet and little."


j+g said...

what a beautiful family you are. the girls are so so lucky to have such a creative, lovely mama.

Our Designing Moms said...

Welcome! Your family portrait with the 'stache on sticks is toooo precious :).

cw said...

what an adorable family! and i oughta wear fun crown like that as my "creative hat!"

Tori Higa Stationery said...

Yay! So glad you are on here, Rubyellen! Welcome!

Carrie's mom said...

those crowns are so happy and cheerful. my daughter would love those!

Earthy Beginnings said...

Loving the family portrait! Your little pink crowns are adorable... wish I had a little girl!

Rubyellen said...

thanks for the welcome everyone!

Natalie Call said...
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