Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's in My Bag: Designing Mom Kate

Today my bag was packed to go to the fountain for water-play…even though we ended up at the park instead! I love this colorful Fossil bag for summer because it goes with everything and has so many pockets that I can designate specific ones just for Oscar’s stuff. I only use my diaper bag when I’m gone for a long time or need more stuff….but this is my everyday purse that doubles as a diaper-bag “light”.

Here’s the gist (note that the contents are always changing!): Oscar stuff:
-Diaper(new Huggies natural--we're trying it out)
-Swim diaper
-Change of clothes in case he got too wet (I usually pack a one-piece for this occasion)
-Sippy cup
-Ziploc bag of wheat-free newtons and gluten-free animal crackers (he's allergic to wheat, eggs & peanuts)
-Seventh Generation wipes (for bum)
-Wet wipes (for hands)
-45 spf sunblock
-Noodle and boo eczema cream sample
-Sample of prescription eczema cream

Kate stuff:
-Wallet (the colorful melamine case with flowers)
-Little fabric bag for store loyalty cards and secret cash stash
-Orbit gum
-Angela Adams noteboook
-Dum Dum lollipop (from restaurant)
-Peppermint candy (from restaurant)
-Cell Phone (yes, it's old school)
-Chanel super duper won't come off lip gloss
-5 different lipsticks in various brands/shades
-Alba lip gloss
-Banana boat chapstick with SPF
-Mac lip liner
-A pen
-An assortment of change
-ALL OUT OF shopping list (used yesterday)

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