Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make: Memory Card Game

by Designing Mom Guissell

I had been meaning to buy some memory card games for Emmanuel because the regular deck of cards were proving to be too hard for him. So before I purchased one from the store it occurred to me that I could create one myself using my current designs. Since I was going to do this I figured I could share with all my designing moms. Here it is! Inexpensive and lots of fun!

-Card Stock paper
-Color Pencils (crayons if they are small like mine but prefer pencils)
-Pair of scissors

Print out the memory cards pdf twice of course to have the pairs. Have your little one color the animals and cut the cards out when they are done. Play time! I started my son with 4 animals and progressed up so he would feel overwhelmed from start.



mari said...

Memory card games are my favorite! Great idea!

Rachel said...

I love the idea and wanted to print some, but all the images are covered with "earthy writing". Am I going to the wrong link to print it?

Our Designing Moms said...

hi rachel,
guissell just sent over the link so feel free to print away (just click on pdf)!

nintendo ds said...

hey...nice it will help me a lot in ma Kinder garden.......

Rachel said...

We made our own set, love them, and I blogged about it (attributing and linking to you). Thanks for making these resources available to us!

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