Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Booklist: Little Hoot and Everybody Bonjours!

by Designing Mom Kira

Some of my greatest inspirations as a greeting card designer come from the illustrations in children's books. I think I enjoy going to the library and picking out children's books as much as Masha does. One of our recent favorites is Little Hoot written by Amy Krause Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace. This is a charming story about an owl who wants nothing more than to go to bed at a reasonable hour like his other friends. His parents have other plans for him, however, and make him stay up late and play since that is what owls are supposed to do. Since children often fight bedtime (we might know a thing or two about that) this is a great nighttime story and the opposite scenario that the book presents with the owl having to stay up late is quite funny. The illustrations are adorable and modern, and the story is clever, making this a must-read for both Masha (and her parents).

The second story we love is called Everybody Bonjours! written by Leslie Kimmelman and illustrated by Sarah McMenemy.

One of these days I would like to take a family trip to France and have been trying to infuse a bit of the language through books, and music. My husband and I speak a bit of French and I just think it would be adorable if Masha did too. This story takes children on a tour through Paris, highlighting classic French scenes and giving them an idea of what they might see in the city. The back of the book also has an index with illustrations and descriptions of quintessential sites. And the best part is that it totally melts my heart to hear Masha say "bonjour" which is repeated often throughout the book in the well-written rhymes.

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Tori Higa said...

those illustrations are just beautiful, kira! they are exactly what i would picture you exposing your daughter to... :)

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