Coloring Book Part Four: Getting Crafty
by Designing Mom Tori

I love coloring and doing crafts with kids which is why I especially love Liberty's sweet dresses that her daughter always has her draw so that she can color them in. Be sure to read Liberty's paragraph on her page and be inspired to help your little one blossom as a designer.

We all know that Jackie is a very talented photographer so I love the idea of taking a photographic image and turning it into something so your child can experience part of the creativity process with you. I think that this is a particularly fun image to try to color match or even just make up your own crazy color palette (which kids are so great at doing).

Lastly, I thought it would be fun to include a blank puzzle so kids can create something they can play with out of their own artwork. Just print the puzzle image (preferably onto a somewhat thick grade of paper), let your little one create a masterpiece with crayons or markers, cut around the edges, and store in a plastic bag or some other container. It would also be cute to print it on magnetic paper (as long as it's matte and not glossy) as a new way to mount your child's artwork to the fridge.

So that concludes our little Designing Mom Coloring Book series - I have a feeling that I will enjoy coloring these pages in as much as my little guy!