Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Binth Studio

As promised, today we're taking a look at the studio space of Linnea, Peter, and Suzanna of Binth. Linnea is also giving a little glimpse into what a day-in-their-life looks like. I was amazed to hear that Peter created many of the piece in the studio and we're not just talking about a shelf or two, but the conference table, chairs and yes, the kitchen cabinetry! Such a beautiful space to inspire their beautiful products.

Tell us a little bit about your studio...

Our design studio is located off the Fulton Market area in Chicago, Illinois. Peter Dunham is the designer behind the look of the space. Peter has worked with private clients as well as corporate design companies such as Herman Miller, as an interior and graphic consultant. Peter is also an incredible woodworker and has designed and built many of the furniture pieces and architectural elements in our space. His use of reclaimed woods, unusual material mixes and attention to craft make our studio a unique and inspiring place to work in. Our design studio and much of Peter’s work on it, will be featured in the Fall Issue of CS Interior Magazine.

What's a Day-in-Your-Life Like?

We often have 3 or 4 different projects going on at once here. Right now Peter is working with a client as an interior consultant and furniture designer for a new home they purchased. A lot of his time is spent in the shop – below our studio Peter has a full woodworking shop that he has run for the past 10 years – designing furniture pieces and architectural elements. His time at Binth is spent on art direction and creative concepting and when we go to print, Peter is the production supervisor – his eye for detail and craftsmanship is key to the final look and feel of all our products.

Suzanna works full time as a creative director for an advertising agency in Chicago, so her time at the studio is limited to evenings and weekends. She likes to come in the afterhours to work on concepting new product and marketing strategy. Right now she and I are working on a wedding suite for a couple in England – it’s been a fun project as they are huge playing card fans and want to use imagery from our Joker Playing Card Deck as inspiration for their invitations.

I tend to run the day-to-day operations at Binth – making sure orders are getting put together, keeping track of email correspondence and helping out wherever I can in the office. When I am not involved with administration work I focus on creating illustrations for upcoming lines or for whatever project we are working on. Right now, aside from the wedding commission, I am working on illustrations for our next book and a calendar for Binth. When I have time, usually in the later afternoon, I’ve been working on sculpting the figurines for our spring release. This has been a much bigger project than we thought but I’m having a blast working on it as my background is in sculpture and it is fun to get back into it.


Chairs around conference table: Eames DCW

Lounge chair in Suzanna’s office: Eames Lounge

Painting in conference area: “Moonlight” by Anna Kunz

Conference table, shelving, office desks, kitchen cabinetry & architectural elements: Peter Dunham

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