Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I bet you can remember exactly where you were on 9/11.
I was sitting in my bedroom watching the television in horror, waiting to go visit my dear friends and their two sons who'd all just flown in for a visit. I remember their sons kept us all preoccupied...distracting our shock with their inquisitive smiles as we toured Sausalito and the Monterey Aquarium.

There was an interesting article in the San Francisco Examiner on telling your kids about 9/11. It is such a difficult memory to put into words, but the article reminded me of the amazing and heroic stories during and after the tragedy. A trader who went back up into the smoke to find his associates, the 479 heroic rescue workers, the search and rescue dog who found the last remaining survivor in the debris. These events and stories are what I plan to share in detail of that event with my own little one when he gets older.


Hannah Stevenson said...

Thank you so much for this post. I have been scanning all of my "regular" sites today and feel kind of sad that most of them haven't mentioned what today is.

I remember feeling like the whole world should just stop that day because I knew so many were suffering. We didn't stop...but I hope we will ALWAYS remember.

Earthy Beginnings said...

This morning was pretty emotional. I just can't believe it’s been 8yrs already, feels yesterday to me. I used to work across the street from the Empire State Building at the time. I remember that by the time the first plane hit I was walking up the block and was perplexed to see all the people evacuating the Empire State Building. This was certainly not the first time I had seen the building being evacuated but there was something about the people's faces that told me something was wrong. By the time I reached my office the second tower had hit and everyone was in shock. It was only a matter of minutes before we were all asked to evacuate, the whole block actually, because they were afraid the Empire State Building was also a target. Nothing will ever erase the state of panic of that day, the people walking like zombies not knowing which way to walk, which way meant safety. It’s sad because I never thought I would experience terrorism again once I left my country. This was certainly one of the most horrific things I’ve had to experience.

My heart goes out to those that have been affected by this tragedy!

Jackie Kersh said...

i lived in new york during 9/11 and will never forget the intensity of that day. the sights, sounds, emotions surrounding me. beyond words really. thank you for this post.

Our Designing Moms said...

I didn't put this in the post, but we were married at the WTC at Windows on a beautiful starry night...106th floor. I remember thinking that we would one day be old and gray but that we would always, always, always be able to come back and visit and show our kids, grand kids, etc. As you've all mentioned...9/11 is still something so hard to make sense of.

marijke bongers said...

As you maybe remember I’m from the Netherlands. But we remember this day of horror very well. I was on my work in the museum and all alone, and I noticed it was very quiet even on the streets. I thought about my kids and that I wanted to be at home. And had a strange sad feeling. After a while a lady came in and asked me:” Did you hear about the world trade centre?” And I didn’t……. After that day a feeling of safety disappeared and I wanted to be close to my family. I couldn’t see the important's of a lot of things any more.

I tried to leave the TV off most of the day, especially because Kelvin, only 2 days 5 years old was a difficult little boy easily upset (later we found out he had Asperser syndrome)
A few days later he made a drawing, I still have it. It was the frame of the building standing up in black, with a hill; on it he drew a dog. The dog was crying. He was looking for dead people my just 5 year old said. Our children are now just 14 and 12 and I told them this story…..
Love and Light, Marijke Bongers

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