Monday, September 14, 2009

Decorate: Binth Posters

by Designing Mom Kira

In the stationery world many regard the National Stationery Show in New York to be the "fashion week" of paper which I find to be so true! Everyone is scrambling to get their booth designs, new card designs, and marketing materials ready for showtime and there is so much amazing talent in one place ready to feature their wares. With all of this work also comes the opportunity to shop with some seriously amazing artists. The last day of the show is typically a bit quiet, and everyone is out of their booths shopping, trading and chatting.

The last show that I did was when I was pregnant with Masha and I scored some of the best items for her room. It is hard to pick a favorite item, but I really, really love her Binth Alphabet and Numbers Posters. The Numbers poster is hung above her changing table which has proven to be a very handy distraction while changing diapers and encourages her to count while we are taking care of diaper business. I adore the design (and the designers!) and think they are a wonderful keepsake.


adrianne said...

I love the binth posters, too! The alphabet poster was the starting point for our baby Mason's room. Love it!

mari said...

I love Binth so much! The Mini Social had a binth sale awhile back and I scored a great print of a girl knitting that Wren loves to stare at - also above her changing table!

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