I recently attended my friend's baby shower which had a diaper theme: the perfect excuse for me to make the diaper cake I have always wanted to make for a shower! Because this was my friend's second baby (and they are only 18 months apart), the hostesses thought it would be fun to request diapers and necessities since she already had all of the big things she needed. Her first child was a girl and she was now expecting a boy, so they made another request on the invitation which was to bring used boy items to donate to the guest of honor. I thought that was a really good idea - I wish I had taken a picture of the adorable baskets they placed at the entrance to the shower. Each basket was marked with a cute little sign reading "toys", "clothes", and "books" and filled with the appropriate items. Talk about a great way to recycle!

Anyway, ever since I saw my first diaper cake, I always wanted to try making one. So when the opportunity presented itself I went online and found lots of inspiration and tutorials. My favorite diaper cake tutorial is a very easy to follow video on youtube by Creativebabyshowerideas.com . I don't think my diaper cake turned out as cute as the one in the tutorial because I purchased diapers with a pattern by mistake which meant I was locked into a color pallet. I think the best diaper cakes are done with solid white diapers because it leaves room for much more creativity. I would have loved to have done something with less traditional colors and maybe a bold pattern on the ribbon for this particular friend. Oh well - you live and learn. It was only my first creation and I'm sure the next one will be more of what I want in a diaper cake.

I'd love to see what kind of diaper cake masterpiece Shinmin would create. I hope someone invites her to a diaper theme shower soon!