Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make: Felt Cookie

I absolutely love today's Make by Rebecca of Bug Bites Playfood. Sewing confounds me, but thanks to Rebecca's thorough tutorial I just might have a chance... Thanks so much for sharing with us Rebecca!

Everyone loves cookies! Especially Little Chefs, so here is my chance to share the love & give you the opportunity to make your own cookies! These are super easy, fun & infinite variations are out there for color & design combinations. Have fun!


Cream Felt
Pink Felt
Cream Thread

Pink Thread
Poly Fill or Wool Stuffing

1. Cut out 2 Cream felt (2 1/2") circles; Cut out 1 (2") Pink Felt circle, scalloping the edges however you like.
2. Pull out an arm's length of pink thread. Double up the thread so it is 2 strands thick. Tie a knot in the end & thread it on the needle. Starting on the underside of the cookie, bring the needle up through the 2 layers & back down. Continue along the edge of the pink felt in this whip stitch. Continue until you reach the beginning point & tie off the thread underneath the cream felt so the knot is not visible.

3. Pull out another arm's length of cream thread (Brown thread shown here for visibility). Double up the thread so it is 2 strands thick & tie a knot in the end & thread it on the needle. Insert the needle between the 2 layers & bring it up through the top layer (frosting layer) only - this is so the knot is hidden between the 2 layers.

This seam will be finished with a Blanket Stitch, which looks nice & neat, but you may finish with the same Whip Stitch as used with the frosting along this edge if you prefer.

Confused about a Blanket Stitch? See this tutorial from Primrose Design

Continue the Blanket stitch until you are about 1-2 inches from the starting point. Stop here.

4. Now take your Poly Fill stuffing & fill the cookie.

5. After the cookie is filled, continue your Blanket Stitch & close up the hole. Tie a knot at the starting stitch & take the needle through the middle of the cookie, bringing it out anywhere & cut the thread so it tucks back inside.

You are finished! Looks great, you did it & are on your way to being a Master Felt Pastry Chef. There are endless variations of frosting & cookie color & design combinations to play with. Try different shapes, colors & toppings for each cookie. Think felt, beads, french knots, etc...

I'd love to see what you come up with! Cheers!


Earthy Beginnings said...

These are so cute! ... and simple... I'll have to give it a try.

ellyandphil said...

I'm going to try this too...will let you know the results!

D Doung said...

My mom used to make vegetables out of rice paper for us as kids and I've always wanted to do the same for my own kids, except with cloths and felt :).

Our Designing Moms said...

Yes, if any of you try your hand at the felt goodies, please do share with all of us!

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