Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's in My Bag: Liberty

By Designing Mom Liberty

My kids are finally out of diapers, which means that though I still carry an extra load of clothing for everyone in my overloaded minivan, my bags these days, look a little more sophisticated. This is my latest bag - one I picked up in the San Lorenzo Market when my hubby took me to Florence this summer. It is my favorite souvenir from the trip, in my very favorite color. (It's also quite grown up feeling, compared to the last 5 years of diaper bags!) What's in my bag?
1 - my lovely yellow wallet. I bought it brand new from my across the street neighbor at her garage sale. We were out shopping once and she said, "I have a wallet just like that!" before realizing it was hers. It's big, fabulous, and my daughter's favorite color.
2 - my (also grown up) prescription sunglasses. I finally turned away from my cheapo glamour glasses that I was always losing and sitting on... and before my vacation this summer got some good prescription sunglasses, which must mean I am old for sure.
3 - my
business card case - bought on Etsy from JMorrow, complete with my business cards
4 - my
iPhone. I blog from it, I take photos, it's hard for me to even take the trash out without it. It's an addiction (cute leather brocade snap-on case that you can't see from Ultra Case.) While I'm at it, I'll mention that my favorite mommy app is the CameraBag app which makes regular iPhone pictures look fabulous.
5 - my
journal. I made it. It's from reused board and fabrics, and has hand-carved (by me) stamp designs throughout the pages. I'm always writing or sketching something... i feel lost without paper on hand.
6 - two things here... the one is my second "key ring" that I use to keep all of those grocery store discount cards, etc, so they don't clutter my already cluttered key ring and the second is my cute little makeup bag that my friend, Amy sent me from
Thailand. I love it
7 - my little baggie of "unmentionables"

8 - gum (which I now have to carry in two different flavors for my 2 different kids)

9 - toy cars - never leave home without them
10 - rubber bands - between myself and my daughter, there's always a need

11 - a small sampling of my pen addiction. This is not ALL of the pens I carry around. Usually I also have a Sharpie on hand - often in brown, my favorite color for pens.
12 -
lip gloss, mascara, nail clipper... just the basics. I don't primp a lot, but my days are long and if I can get a minute to freshen up, I really should be prepared. The one thing that I forgot to include here is an image of my keys! I swear that every mom needs a key fob and my favorites are found on etsy - try here. I keep a bunch on hand.


erika at Delphine said...

Hi Liberty. I love your bag. I totally get what you mean about feeling lost without paper on hand. Earlier this week I was driving around doing errands and I had an idea. I needed to write it down. I realized I had forgotten my journal. So I STOPPED THE CAR at the nearest drugstore and bought one of those $1 spiral note books, got back in my car, and made my sketch. True story!

Our Designing Moms said...

what'd ya sketch erika :)?

libbydibby said...

i'm SO like that erika.
even with my iphone, I recently had to go back to paper for my calendar because I couldn't fit all the "little things" - like to do lists and what to make for dinner all in one place on my phone where I could see it in one glance.
so I now have added a weekly calendar to the mix.
it's bulky, but i'm feeling a little less stressed.

erika at Delphine said...

I sketched a logo design concept for a friend's new business. Sorry I can't share that one yet : (

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