Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shop: Momma Style

by Designing Mom Mari

As a newish mom, I’m determined to maintain my sense of style. It’s become an important part of my designer/artist identity – especially at my former day-job where it seemed to reinforce my design abilities, it’s like you become a walking billboard!

I’m sure we’re all aware of things that are just no longer possible: wearing my very long hair loose on a random Tuesday morning (or ever), wearing my favorite big floppy necklaces, or wearing some of my more revealing shirts (grabby hands make them indecent!). So I’m becoming more innovative.

My newest obsession? Leather cuffs. They’re not going to break, and it’s easy to move your arm out of harm’s way!

Some of my current favorites:

Clockwise from top left:

Leather cuff with hidden wallet, $24.50

Recycled Reversible Leather cuff, $32.00

Silver Circle and Leather cuff,$40.00

Simple Leather Snap Cuff, $4.00

I have to have the first leather cuff . Not only do they offer gorgeous print options from birds to patterns to skulls, but there really is a hidden zipper pouch on the inside!

And, of course, you’ll need one for baby too.

Baby Leather cuff, cool guy , $10.00


anne p. said...

Love the tree cuff. I've been eyeing some of these ( for my daughter.

mari said...

I gave in and bought the tree cuff and love it! One note, the inside pocket doesn't have a zipper, as I stated above. But it still rocks!

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