Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shop: Moon Baby Cakes

By Designing Mom Cat

I went back and forth about whether I was going to have a baby shower. I love throwing parties for others but when it comes to myself it's a whole other story! Luckily, with the encouragement and help of my friend and cousin, they convinced me that I could hold a very casual gathering at my boutique/studio with minimal fuss.

One of the highlights was watching my guests (including myself) inhale the cupcakes. They were beautiful. They were organic. They were beyond delicious. Cupcakes are the very sweet and miniature things in life that make me happy and I was SO very fortunate to be bestowed with them by the amazing and talented Priscilla of MoonBaby Cakes.

above: Fondant MoonBaby lemon/vanilla and chocolate cupcakes at the shower.

Our weekly "Cupcake Fridays" at the studio have enabled us to sample pretty much all of the cupcakes on the North American continent. Priscilla's are truly scrumptious and I could not recommend her more highly. There are an infinite amount of flavors (like organic Hostess style cupcakes) that Priscilla has perfected...Click here to visit her site!


anne p. said...

Oh wow!! My sweet tooth is aching over these. Does organic count help balance out the sugar :)?

Jackie Kersh said...

one word: YUM!

cupcake studio said...

Oh my word...these are total cupcake glamour shots!

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