Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make: Road Trip Sketchbook

by Designing Mom Lori

I recently read a post by Jan at Daisy Janie that i thought would be a good addition to my other post about how to keep kids entertained in the car on long trips.

Jan’s idea is so simple it’s like one of those “duh” moments. like, why didn’t I think of that? Here’s a portion of Jan’s post about the work seen above:

"We love passing doodles back & forth, where each person progressively adds a little somethin-somethin to the page. As we made it to the Oregon coast and back, this fantastical drawing emerged from our cooperative efforts. We both got pretty pumped to see what the other had added each time we got it back! I highly recommend this activity - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the joy your child gets from it!”
What a brilliant idea to get creative in the car together! I think my favorite part of this project, beside the fact that it’s based on creativity, is the fact that it’s cooperative and that you’re interacting with one another on a level you may not ordinarily.

Thanks for sharing your great idea with us Jan! I know I’m going to try this on our next trip!

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Kim S. said...

This alot like something my daughter and I did during a LONG layover/delay in the Cinncinati airport, albeit yours ended up with a much more artisic result. My daughter started drawing a picture of a girl and then we took turns drawing the rest of the body and designing/coloring her clothing. Ours ended up less serious because she insisted on using the one orange yellow crayola crayon color that I can't stand - so even though I begged her (and maybe because I was begging her), next thing the socks, shirt sleeves, and so on were all that color. So I drew a bubble comment and had the cartoon say "I can't believe I have to wear this ugly shirt my mom bought". We were laughing so hard, the other passengers thought we had completely lost it!!!!

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