Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make: Hair Poufs

by Make Contributor Dana

Tissue paper (in any color) you can get all kinds of colors at any Michael's store.
Twisty tie, pip cleaner or small wire (the item has to be able to stay twisted)
Ruler (optional)

I started out with 6 sheets of tissue paper
I stacked them together and then cut the stack of tissue paper into a rectangle that was approx. 8" x 5"

These can be cut in any sizes you'd like.
Keeping the tissue paper stacked together, I folded in half along the 8" side (but did not crease).

I then cut a "picket fence" shape on the long side (8" side) of the tissue paper.

After I was done cutting, i unfolded the stack of paper.

I then folded the short side (5" side) of the paper using the accordion method.

After the stack was folded, I wrapped my wire around the middle of the folded paper.

I then chose a side (right or left) and started to pull each of the sheets of paper up...fluffing as I pulled.

After I was done with each side, I fluffed and shaped my flower to how I wanted it to look.
Since I was using these for hair props...I made sure to add enough wire to be able to wrap around a pony tail holder.

We didn't have a whole lot of time to work with them in hair ties like I had envisioned, but I could see adding multiple of these flowers in fun braids, pony tails and other styles. they would be perfect for dress up play...but of course they are paper so they won't last a long time.


Rachel • cREaTe said...

SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! i love them! thanks for showing! :)

anne p. said...

I always look forward to the "MAKES."

Amy at february 13 creative said...

Super cute! I know my girls will love making these.

Anonymous said...

Yay for MARTHA STEWART, who you got this idea from originally!

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