Thursday, October 8, 2009

Story: Word #2...Hat

by Designing Mom Kate

A little background: My husband and are both writers (he's a copywriter, I am now a blogger), we consume books by the shelf-ful (less so for me now that Oscar has arrived), and we love to play scrabble on date night. I guess we have a thing for words. Our little magpie, Oscar, is picking up words like crazy - and I'd like to chronicle some of his favorites here. *to read the story of Oscar's first word click here!

This was not his second word (that was "beer") - but at 18 months, it is still in heavy rotation. With my little tow-head, I feared I'd be the mom spraying sunscreen all over his head every time we walked out the door. But alas! He actually wanted to wear a hat. In fact, he became obsessed with hats.

First word as he woke in the morning? "Hat" (followed with patting of head). We quickly obliged.

As we went about our daily business - errand, park, walks, etc - he'd diligently point out every person wearing a hat and say "hat" matter-of-factly. Sometimes he'd get particularly excited when he saw a plethora of hats. This time we'd get an "oooh! Hat! Hat! Hat!". This was said with the same degree of excitement as kids usually give to Santa Claus.

I don't think there has been a single day in the last 6 months that my child has not worn a hat. We have outgrown two baseball hats and now have 3 baseball hats, 3 pub hats and 2 beanies in rotation. I let him select his own hat each day - and wouldn't you know it? He always picks just the right look.

Not only does he love saying and wearing hats - but you should see him in a hat store! I took him to Goorin Brothers a few weeks ago and you'd think he was running loose in a candy store what with all the enthusiasm. He tried on several hats and paraded around the store like a peacock. He looked in the mirror and smiled and then he'd try on another. I so wanted him to dig a fedora - but that was thrown off with disdain. Though he adores hats - they must be "just so".

Oscar never had a blankie or animal he toted around - which leads me to
believe that wearing a hat is his version of a security blanket. Which I think is pretty rad. May his love of hats continue throughout life - as a man with a hat can be quite dashing.

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