Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make: Halloween Garlands

*Note from Cat: As seen on MakeandTakes.com today, this is an incredibly fun "Make" project from Designing Mom contributor Amy at February 13 Creative. If you're looking for something to spruce up the house this week, this is a festive and easy project for you and the little ones!

My girls are always trying to pull me away from the computer, and they love when it results in a craft project. Everywhere we turn it’s Halloween, so they were excited to decorate our house for the occasion. I thought up this twist on the classic children’s craft of paper doll chains. This one is fun and easy. It's even good for those with little patience. The results come fast!

Our festive Halloween garlands (bats, candy corn and ghosts):

What you will need:
11x17” white paper (for ghosts and candy corn)
20x25” black craft or construction paper (for bats)
orange and yellow crayons
black pen

1. You will start by taking your 11x17 paper and accordion folding it. For the ghosts and candy corn your first fold should be 3.4” in, and each additional fold after that will also be 3.4”. You will end up with 5 panels. For the bats (on the black paper) cut a 4” wide strip lengthwise from your big sheet. Using this 4” x 25” strip of paper each fold should be 6.25” and you will have 4 panels. You could also use other sizes of paper and adjust fold sizes as needed.

2. Now using the template (above) you can trace the candy corn, the ghost, or the bat onto the top panel of your folded paper. Tip: You could trace right over the template applying pressure so that you create a path to follow when it’s time to cut, or you can cut out your shape and lay it on and trace around it.

3. It’s time to cut. Follow your lines and cut through all of your folded layers (careful not to cut your folded edges.)

4. Voila! Unfold and admire your little friends.

5. Decorate your ghosts with funny faces, and add color to your candy corn.

Additional tips: 1. Make two or more chains and tape them together to make a longer chain. 2. After you accordion fold your 11x17 paper you can cut it in half and you will have two folded panels ready to trace and cut! (see photos below)

Happy Halloween crafting!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

How fun! Thanks so much for the template, I'll be linking.

Daphne said...

I featured your printable today on my blog! Check it out...

Thanks for sharing! :)

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