Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make: Crazy Octopus Costume

*Note from Cat:
I made a "Gahhh!" sound when I saw the Halloween costume Shinmin made for her baby Mila. Soooo brilliant! And hey, I told her she could now go as "Octomom."

What are all of your little ones are going to be Halloween? Share your pics with us!

by Designing Mom Shinmin

With Halloween fast approaching and one of the busiest seasons at work, I had originally decided to skip Halloween this year. But yesterday morning, I woke up and looked at Mila and thought, “I can’t deny Mila her very first Halloween. “ Of course, my husband Kiril added more guilt by saying to me, “You’re creative, why don’t you just make her something? ”

So I immediately sprang into a DIY baby costume frenzy. What could I make with materials that I already have at home and complete the project in one afternoon? I only have one day off, so a quick project is key.

I decided to make Mila an octopus costume (an idea I borrowed heavily from the October issue of "Parents Magazine").


Four pairs of tights or socks. I used two baby tights and two pairs of adult knee and
thigh highs. I decided to use the light blue pair for Mila to actually wear and the others will be her 6 additional legs.

I found this belt laying around that my friend Marie brought back from Paris. I thought that the colourful rivets were perfect for the tentacle suction cups.

If you want to make this costume at home and you don’t happen to have a French belt with rivets, here is your chance to use up all those extra buttons that come with sweaters and jackets. I think using buttons will achieve a very fun DIY look. Of course, pieces of cut out round felt will work too.

I also used a
black ribbon, a long sleeve onesie, hot glue gun, lots of cotton balls, and a needle and thread.

First I cut the longer tights and socks to match the length of the actual tights Mila will be wearing.

I kept the waist top from the tights for a future project.

Then I cut the ends to a point and sewed the seams from the inside. Of course don’t alter the tights that your baby will wear.

Then I stuffed the 6 legs with cotton balls. I couldn’t find batting in the art supply store nearby (which would have been preferable) so I hand shredded a ton of cotton balls. After stuffing the tights and socks, I sewed up the tops to close the openings.

Next I cut all the rivets off the belt and kept the buckle for a future project.

I then hot glued all the rivets to the legs to create the suction cups. After cutting off the blue bows, I sewed the pieces onto the light blue tights because I didn’t want the hot glue to itch her les.

I used 8 rivets per leg and had two rivets left over.

Then I measured Mila’s waist to determine the length of ribbon needed. Her waist is 17”. Imagine having a 17” waist?

I used masking tape and mapped out the 17” on the ribbon and added about 10“ to each side of the 17” for a total length of 37”.

Next I sewed all the legs onto the ribbon making sure that the legs stayed within the 17” outlined by the masking tape.

Remember the waist top from the tights? I decided to turn it into a hat for this costume. I sew on a couple pieces of white felt and added the remaining two rivets for eyes. I pulled at the leg openings to curl it back slightly.

I dressed her in a black long sleeve onesie. This one is from Imps and Elfs. The buttons spell out "LOVE". Tie the ribbon around her waist, add the hat and voila! Crazy octopus!


Dana said...

that is too freaking cute!! i love how you used the grommets for tentacles!

Craftcherry said...

That it SO cute!! What an awesome idea!

aya said...

So adorable, Shinmin! Cutex8!! said...

That is SO creative! Socks and rivets??? Genius! I'll be linking to this.

jackie said...

that is by far one of the cutest things i've ever seen!!! now you have to make a cupcake to match.

shinmin said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments. Now I'm totally stoked about Halloween and seeing mila crawl around with 8 legs. xoxo

mari said...

I've been feeling the same first halloween angst!!! I'm so glad to hear someone else was a bit conflicted about whether or not to even bother.... the results are well worth it!
(i'm finalizing my bird costume as I write this!)

Andrea said...

I'm in love with this octopus!! Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm definitely bookmarking it for next year!

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