Thursday, October 29, 2009

Decorate: Halloween

I just wanted to add in some quick last minute Halloween decor ideas for any of you planning a little spook party this weekend! We'll be heading to some Halloween parties that require costumes and Shinmin and her amazing octopus costume have convinced me I need to at least try my hand at making one for my baby. I told her I feel like failure is imminent but I am hoping I at least get some credit for trying. Any quick and easy ideas that I can pull together from leftover felt and a shaggy pelt from home-HELP?! I'll try and post my efforts tomorrow... even if it's a total shipwreck!

Boo Design blocks by The Bees Knees Designs

Candy corn pennants by Pam Wares

Boo cake toppers by Evie's Shop

Bat letterpress coasters by 12 Fifteen

Mouse silhouettes by Martha Stewart

Message in a bottle invites by Martha Stewart

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