Friday, May 8, 2009

Decorate: Single Most Favorite Thing in my Kid's Room

By Designing Mom Liberty

I had a hard time deciding exactly which was my favorite item in between my two kids' rooms, so I took this photo to sort of settle on a view that I love best of all. My daughter, Mercy, is all girl, but one of the things I love about her is that her favorite color has been yellow since she was tiny. (It was also my grandmother's favorite color, so my mom and I have a secret sweet spot for Mercy channeling the yellow-love).

We've lived in three different places and Mercy has had 3 different rooms, all of them yellow... the first two, I selected the color - I think it was called Benjamin Moore "Popcorn Kernel" - or something like that. It was a soft yellow. When we bought our house and moved in, circumstances made it so we didn't have time to repaint everything, so her room was this very intense yellow that I would have initially changed, but have since grown used to. She and I (together) added the stenciled stars and swirls around the room at her eye level - a memory she brings up often, suggesting with the adorable sincerity of a 4 year old, that we add the same swirly star stencils to other rooms in the house. (momma says, "um, no").

This view also includes a pennant banner that I made for her 3rd birthday party, which we held in the house the day we received the keys - a big celebration in an empty house. It was a pirate party, and I had commissioned Designing Mom, Tori, to illustrate a little "Pirate Captain Mercy" cartoon for the decorations and invitations. I made iron on patches from the drawing, put them on an old t-shirt, and interspersed them with cute girlie fabric flags.

The centerpiece of the photo is a baby quilt/wall-hanging that another artist friend, Holly Rosenberg-Lester, made for Mercy's room before she was born. I was decorating the room with vintage fruit sign stands and strawberries - so you can see the influence there, but the quilt remains in the room - a testament to art, sewing, friendship, and the expectancy that was there as we waited for her arrival.

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happy mother's day to all you wonderful moms!

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