Friday, May 29, 2009

Decorate: Paint Colors for High Traffic Spaces

As I was putting together all of Guissell's great posts about color and pantones, I thought I'd conclude this week of posts with a snippet of an article I came across in House Magazine on color palettes for high traffic spaces. I think with kids, high traffic spaces pretty much means 100% of your place. Have a great weekend everyone!

Some recommend palettes are using "spicy oranges" to hide dirt and stains. The spicy orange most preferred was the Sherwin Williams "Tiger Eye" #SW6362. They also suggested color palette formulas. My personal favorite is the use of "2 Bolds + A Touch of Gray"...for some reason, after a crazy day at the studio, subtle tones help me to relax.

For paint, I love G&R Paint Compay that's in the same 'hood as my studio in San Francisco. I have gone through hundreds (I'm not kidding) of sample paint pots in my day to no avail. I much prefer the poster sized painted swatch sheets they offer where you can tape them on your wall and move them around to different areas where the lighting is different. I found my sable chocolate gray in just two swatches (much to hubby's relief!).

To read the full article click here.

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