Friday, May 15, 2009

Balance: Recess

by Designing Mom Jackie

Oh recess. How I so miss that concept. While my public elementary school was lacking in many ways, they sure got the recess thing down perfectly. I will always look back on that mandatory respite from fractions and pronouns to play dodge ball and eat chocolate chip cookies with a big smile.

Nowadays, my recess comes at night when the kids are asleep and I am off-duty. To mix it up a bit and not feel so guilty about the crap TV that I watch and even crappier tabloids that I read, I’ve started seeking out evening workshops on crafty or culinary topics.

Given my limited time and tight purse strings these days, I look for classes that are a one-night deal, usually just a few hours. I find that this is just long enough for me to retreat from my daily routine, learn some new tricks, and if I’m lucky, make a thing or two (if food is involved, that might mean burn a thing or two).

Here are a few great local classes on my recess "wish list" for the months ahead:

1) A Moroccan Feast cooking class at
Kitchen on Fire

2) Paper Arts taught by Courtney Cerruti at The Workshop

3) Rookie Rubber Stamping at Paper Source

4) Recycled Sweaters & Tee Shirt Workshop at
Stonemountain and Daughter Fabric

5) Screen Printing: Home Edition at Richmond Art Center

6) Picture Links and Pendants at Baubles & Beads

What about you?? Please email your favorite “recess” activities.


Tori Higa Stationery said...

what a fun post - i've loved all of your posts this week, jackie! thanks!

i'm planning on doing at least two recess activities soon - hopefully this summer. i've already scoped out a beginning sewing class at the local fabric shop and printmaking class at the university. i wish i lived in your area because i would definitely want to play with you during recess in one of your class wish lists. :)

jackie said...

i would want to play with you too!

Laura said...

Hiya I am in love with your blog....come join our Northern California Blogger Network on Facebook. Where we share the wonderful posts of our local bloggers in our community.

I would also love to add your blog to my blogroll.

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