Monday, May 25, 2009

Decorate: Nursery Colors

Our guest blogger for this week is Designing Mom Guissell. Are you staring at empty walls in your room, pondering colors or images or both? Guissell has some great ideas to brighten up your spaces, including a little peek into her own very organized studio/living space.

I have collected several colors I've either worked with in the past and/or colors I've found inspirational. Some of these are brighter than other which could be considered as Spring/Summer. However, I didn't want to put them into seasons because the truth is once you have the baby time is of the essence and changing color schemes in the room is simply something not many people can do. So instead focus on what colors inspire you, yes you mommy! You will be spending lots of time in the room and it's important that you choose those colors that soothe you.

The center leaf is your core color and the smaller ones are complementary.... There is really no right way to use these colors though so let your inner designer come through. If you need a fourth color I would root for white (aka "safe color").

Do however, always remember to include at least one personalized item in your nursery. This here is my son's first shirt that was provided at the hospital. It adds to the sentimental meaning of the room whle adding color and texture as well.


Jackie Kersh said...

the shirt is very sweet.

Earthy Beginnings said...


Anonymous said...

where is the frame and paper from, very cool idea.

Earthy Beginnings said...

The frame is a white RIBBA Ikea frame and the background is a textured drawer liner I had bought at a local shop. I actually had used in my kitchen and had some left over to play with. I just thought it reflected well off the wall color.

Hollie said...

Hello! I found your post through Apartment Therapy, and thought I would send you the link to my sister's little framed shirt so similar to yours. Which I agree, is beautiful

Earthy Beginnings said...

Hollie, how adorable!!! Thanks for sharing! Where's the frame from?

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