Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Balance: Guisell's Work and Play Space

By Designing Mom Guissell

Living in a one-bedroom NYC apartment is a challenge with a Toddler, but throw a business on top of that and well you better become an interior decor fanatic! When I started my small business I knew exactly what I would need since I had worked in developing lines for years but I wasn't quite sure how I was going to pull it off without intruding in our family space.

Key to any success in business is having organization, so I allowed that to be my start. With a tight budget in mind I shopped for pieces that provided me with most work and organization space. Anything with lots of enclosed compartments works great when kids are present. Framed pictures of your products work well not only as decorating pieces but also as inspiration. These are some pictures of my home studio. Hope this inspires the interior designer in you!

1. Vika Amon + Vika Tore drawer unit + storage unit

2. Bulletin Board I made myself: Blue fabric $1, Cork boards $4/square, Curling gift wrapping ribbons $3.

3. Kassett organizer series

4. Billy book case; looking to add the doors once they are back in stock.

5. Old drawer unit on casters; double as printing station.

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Jackie Kersh said...

what a smart, stylish workspace!

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