Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Story: A Toast to Fancy Glasses

by Designing Mom Erika of Delphine

photo by Erika

We've been having a hard time getting our son (he's in K now) to drink something during breakfast. I think it's really important to hydrate before he heads off to school, so we started serving his morning juice in a "fancy" glass. It's just a cheap champagne glass from a discount store, so I don't stress out about it breaking. S loves drinking from it, which means much sweeter mornings all around.

I find it applies to grown ups, as well. My grandmother, Delphine, is really bad about drinking water in the morning before her workout (she does Yoga and Zoomba and Pilates!), but if I serve her sparkling water in a pretty glass with a slice of lemon in it she drinks it.

Here's S drinking fresh squeezed orange juice from our backyard while he peruses his favorite sticker book before school.

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Jenn White Topliff said...

Love it! Our daughter is 2yrs old, so we kind of have to use the opposite tactics right now; for easier meals we have to entice Grace with super cheap crappy plastic plates with dora, princesses, mickey or elmo on them! Somehow string cheese and noodles is just a LOT easier to digest coming off a cartoon face than a regular ol' plate with nothin' on it!

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