Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fotos: Boy Crazy

After a week of a sick baby and massive work pile-up, I had some much needed comic relief from the popular email my friend Mui forwarded over entitled "Why Boys Need Parents." Hope you don't mind us taking a little laugh break from design and projects today.

And btw...I am convinced that designers have boys*. The ratio alone on this blog is overwhelming (at least 2:1) !
*And for those of you Designing Moms with girls, I am also convinced you must have more than just designing genes in your body...any one know of a profession with a lot of girls?

Why Boys Need Parents...


anne p. said...

This is great! I was laughing to hard, especially the picture of the boys watering the lawn. WHY do boys do this...I will never know LOL!

Ziehyun said...

I had to smother my laughs at work. Thankfully, cuteness goes a long way.

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