Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Lists: Cardboard for Kids

I just wanted to share an ongoing list of favorite cardboard finds for the little ones. These days I treasure anything affordable, eco-friendly and able to withstand drool and spit up. If you happen to have any great cardboard finds to add to this list, please share!

First up is this custom initial cardboard table from Cecilla Felli that would be perfect for a kid's room.

Super hip "Villa Julia" by Magis.

Ever heard of Fold School? They offer free downloadable patterns for you to create kid furniture out of your extra cardboard.

I love these sustainable, recyclable cardboard creations for the kiddos by Ben Blanc Studio. You can even create a fun craft night and paint them.

The ultimate eco-friendly Christmas tree!

Cardboardesign offers a variety of toys, furniture, castles (including Ben Blanc) that you can purchase directly from their site.
A mini-wiggle chair from Moma

I saw these adorable tree-house kits mentioned at Tutus and Turtles.

You can't beat this playhouse for $49.99 from This Litte Piggy's House

And of course you can't exclude Ms. Martha Stewart from a cardboard project. You can make your own cardboard oven or rockets out of materials from your home.


Three Owls said...

ok...first thing in the morning I'm zipping down to the store because apparently it's going to be build a fabulous something day....hee hee...thanks for this great inspiration.

shinmin said...

I love this post. I dream about snatching up one of these cardboard wonders. Though I have very little space in my SF apartment. The rule in my house is - bring something in, take something out. What will I get rid of for the mini wiggle chair from Moma?

Our Designing Moms said...

Glad it got you building Three Owls! And have some pretty nice baby decor so I don't know how the take-in/take-out is going to go down :)!

mari said...

OUTSTANDING post, I love every one of them!

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