Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decorate: Hanger Management

by Designing Mom Jenn of 13 Creative

In my four nanoseconds of spare time today (secretly snuck in, between breastfeeding and heading back to the computer to design the 5 invitations on my to-do list right now!) I came across a really fun, whimsical blog post about "Hanger Management!" and the beautiful art of vintage children's hangers.

I just thought that these were too fun not to share - even though I had to come clean about my momentary lack of focus in order to do so! Focus is a 4-letter word around here these days, with my part-time role as mommy and full-time role as a designer. Or wait, is it the other way around?!

Check out the blog "Modern Kiddo" for the full story, but here's a really sweet visual recap of the hangers of yesteryear! I, myself, am partial to the antithesis of these vintage treats (I love the streamlined look of all the same white plastic hangers in a row, because it let's the clothes be the focal point in the dark closet recesses!) but I have to say, I admire someone who would go so far as to use the hanger as a canvas for creativity. I'm guessing these were made by our Country's original designing moms!

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