Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fotos: Laundry List

All in a day AND night's work. I'm sure ya'll can relate to this...let's all join hands and wish the end of flu season to arrive SOON.
Happy Friday and weekend everyone!

from Designing Mom Shinmin :
After a night of continuous vomiting (Mila threw up every 20 mins last night all night), this is the laundry pile.

She went through:
1 mattress cover
1 bed sheet
4 pajamas
1 sleep sack
5 onesies
5 burp clothes
17 baby blankets (basically all that we own)
1 Shin nightgown
1 Shin bra

1 comment:

Aya said...

Oh no. Flu season is tough with a baby. Hope Mila gets better soon.

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