Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shop: Nonchalant Mom NYC Tour

by Designing Mom Carina of Nonchalant Mom

I visit NYC as often as I can and no matter what I do I always end up spending a day on this route so I thought it would be a good idea to share it. This is a a great route if you drive, I used to always find street parking, but after a few tickets (thank you Bloomberg) I now park in the garage, but the garage I give you below on Kenmare is really the best! (and cheapest). I realized that many of my places include food... hhhmmm.. but you need sustenance for all that shopping!

1) Erica Tanov - her store is so inspiring, I always love to spend some time here. Her jewelry is really out of this world and she inspired me to carry more jewelry in Nonchalant Mom. Her kids section is priceless! I always pick up something for the kids here even if it's just a little paint set! (Elizabeth btwn Prince and Spring)

2) Daily 365 - another place to stop for something for the kids. I feel like kids toystores always have the same things but not here! lot's of little things, gifts and toys for the kids. (Elizabeth btwn Houston and Prince)

3) This is the Kenmare parking lot (between Mulberry and Mott). The location is good and its cheap.

4) Do Kham - I know that this is not the most fashionable, but the basic Kurta is such a perfect pregnant top and they have the most colors (silk or cotton), they also have the kids kurta's which are perfect for spring and summer! (Prince btwn Layfayette and Mulberry)

5) CeCe Cela - Great croissants and truffles, you can even buy frozen chocolate croissants to make at home! yum! Great coffee, hot chocolate and iced tea as well... oh and these little sandwiches... lot's of goodies! (Spring btwn Layfayette and Mulberry)

6) Hampton Chutney Company - This is a great place for a real authentic Indian lunch, I go for the Chai or Cardamom Coffee, you will never drink Chai from anyone else (ecept in India!) again, period! I never miss this place on a trip to NYC (I even make my husband go and get me a Chai to bring back to Rhode Island). (on Prince btwn Crosby and Layfayette)

7) Muji - what did we do before Muji!! I used to bring their city blocks back from Europe and sell them on Nonchalant Mom! But now you can just go and get them for yourself at Muji!! I love everything at Muji and I am slowly transforming our kitchen to have all Muji, it's plain and simply the best! And the kids love their little sets of pens and markers... I could go on and on! They have Everything! (on Broadway btwn Grand and Canal)

now you have to walk all the way over to the other side of Soho--to Thompson St.

8) Dosa - It's really delightful to have something from Dosa in my closet, always pretty and sweet (hey... why isn't this on my website!! coming soon...) just the most delightful store and always lovely. (Thompson btwn Prince and Spring)

9) MakiƩ - If you can't get enough of MakiƩ from Nonchalant Mom well then hop on down to the store! Just make sure you tell her I sent you!! (Thompson btwn Prince and Spring)

10) Snack - Finish your day with an amazing Greek meal at Snack, it's so fresh and delicious! Try everything! I always like the chicken borecki (I can't really spell that but it tastes so good!). (Thompson btwn Prince and Spring)

Have fun and make a day of it!!


Pat said...

I love Daily 365! Have spied some really cute stuff there. Thank you for the recs...will be checking out Dosa :).

tada! shop said...

so many great stores, some we love already and those we can't wait to check out! thought you'd enjoy nonchalant mom's road trip idea we just put up on tada! http://www.tadashop.com/picks/4c0db0a869d8ac763600005c/

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