Saturday, February 13, 2010

Make: Gift Buckets

Hello everyone... I am literally sneaking this one in right before Valentine's Day...enjoy!
xxoo, Cat

to print a free downloadable recipe page, click here!

by Designing Mom Erika G of Gleaux

Happy Valentine's Day Designing Moms! I put together some gift buckets last week to thank a few of my clients and thought these would be fun to share with the group. I baked a few batches of Five Layer Cookies and Hidden Chocolate Cookies, and packed them into these adorable plastic "paint buckets" I found at Michael's Art & Craft Store. Pink confetti, heart-lined ribbon and pink heart-shaped cookie cutters topped things off.

Something I love to do for holiday gatherings, showers, dinners with friends etc., is to share the recipes I used printed out within a nostalgic, old world kitchen themed template, categorized by color for each seasonal event. The templates allow for lots of notes, reminders, and customization. Sort of a fun way to record, collect and archive your favorite culinary creations! I've uploaded one of the templates, as well as the cookie recipes I used for download (courtesy of my favorite kitchen diva goddess, Paula Deen). I hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones, filled with lots of sweets and kisses : ).
Sincerely, Erika at Gleaux

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