Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shop: Skin

This would've been great for our sketchbook series. From Marisol Rodriguez comes Skin, a truly transformative clothing collection! The line is inspired by origami and is meant for an "extended lifetime."


mari said...

I love the concepts - and the sketches.
I wonder what Project Runway's Nina Garcia would say though ;)

Our Designing Moms said...

mari--I was thinking the same thing! wondering about what mr. tim gunn would say about the second design...controversial!

Melissa said...

Very unique, but the last thing I would want as a preggo lady, is to look like I'm busting out of my dress. Still, very fun to look at though.

Lindsay said...

I've been clicking around your blog for a while. Loving all the posts, though I'm not sure I'm loving this dress...pregnant or not...and I was pregnant and proud, I swear!

Anyway, I've given you a blog award...hope I'm doing this right, it's my first award and first time giving one out.

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