Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Projects: What's in My Bag

by Designing Mom Guissell

I should explain that I have never been a fan of diaper bags because they often look like a big diaper with handle! I may be alone in this but that's just how I feel about them. With that being said these are my two "everyday" bags I interchange with. My mommy bag (which I guess would be considered diaper bag) is my beloved Doors canvas bag I got from Target. My Beatles "singles" bag is the one I use when I'm running solo. After taking this pic I realized I missed one item in the contents picture which is my trusty journal... Why you ask? Well because I was writing on it when I remembered I had to take this picture! Oh but the joy of motherhood....

"Mommy Bag"
1. A set of change of clothes for my little man plus his shades because if I have shades then he has to have shades... you know how that goes.
2. Wipes... I don't think I need to explain this one.
3. Books... These just happen to be his favorite now.
4. The unstoppable duo of Woody & Buzz Lightyear!
5. Juice box... I don't use them all the time but I like to have them just in case.
6. Snack... Small finger food can be a melt down savior sometimes.

The items withing the {} are contents that I need at all times and must shift between bags.
7. Shades... A NYer must!
8. Wallet... Business cards reside in here as well.
9. Cellphone... ok I hate cellphones and if you would talk to anyone I know they would tell you how they hate I own one. If it's not dying, it's dead. Needless to say I often hear "why do you own a cellphone again?"...
10. Hair tie... Must must must! I use the No Damage by Scunci in black.

"Singles Bag"
11. Magazine... This one is the one I am reading now but it varies with decor mags.
12. SUDOKU!!!... enough said.
13. MP3 player... MUST MUST MUST! But it only resides in this bag. I find it rude when I see parents with their headsets on and walking with their kids.
14. Reading glasses...
15. Pen... To do my Sudoku of course! Funny how I don't carry one in my mommy bag. Sorry I only got one extra hand and it's not going to be used for writing.
16. Tissues... Because I need break from the wipes!
17. Trusty Journal... I couldn't leave it out of my list. It's a leather bound Banana Republic one I got 10years ago. I have the bad habit of collecting journals.

I should add that when I am working outside of home my "singles" bag is replaced with a business bag and a make-up bag is thrown in the mix...


RookieMom Whitney said...

Love that you took the time to explain your system. I linked to this post at today.

Bridget said...

This is totally me. And I get very frustrated when my husband or someone else uses the bag and moves stuff around.

MamaSove said...

Thanks for breaking down the system. I've been really needing an upgrade on my diaper and solo bag routines.

CassJustCurious said...

This is the kind of nitty gritty that makes me love blogging. I love the system. I need to work out a similar system because the throw everything I could need for Lexi, Me and also Business in one bag = a freaking disaster.

Earthy Beginnings said...

thank you ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed the post...

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