Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shop: Crochet Goodies

by Designing Mom Liberty
I have a friend from my days in Chicago who is a designing mom of 4 boys. Just looking at her site of crocheted food toys (which are the softest, most fun toys!)... you can see her creativity and marvel at how cleverly she designs all these different foods. We've bought a couple of play coffees from her for our kids and they ALWAYS reach for the crocheted coffee mug over the plastic play ones - because they look so real and feel so soft.

My hubby and I recently bought some cute travel coffee mugs that look like the disposable type... (the search in our house for the perfect travel coffee mug is a whole other story!) But we really do like these funny ones, and our kids think they are clever. For Christmas this year, I'm going to ask Tiffany to make mugs for the kids, so we can all sit down and drink our coffee/pretend-coffee from our non-disposable mugs together. (Oh, and I'm hoping to get some cupcakes into the mix, too!)

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