Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Projects: What's in My Sketchbook

by Designing Mom Tori

I love sketchbooks. I love the imperfections, the layers, the smudges, the quick ideas represented, and all of the little details. Little did I know that I would build up such a collection over the years. I can look back on certain sketches and vividly remember particular times in my life.

My future grandchildren may not have many old journals of mine to read through, but they will definitely have a few (very imperfect) sketchbooks. I thought I would share a few sketches for my greeting card designs. I love to do several rough sketches until I get one that I like and then I scan it in and tweak it in Illustrator. When I first started my business I was much more comfortable with drawing by hand than I was with a computer so I have a lot more of my "early work" in sketchbook form. Now that illustrator is just another medium for me, I often create my card designs from scratch on the computer. I still start many of my designs by hand and scan them in though - to give it a certain feel that I just can't get with a computer program.


marzi said...

love these tori! gorgeous! makes me want to start sketching again!

Betsy said...

Tori, your sketches are wonderful to see! They have the same fun, spontaneous spirit as your finished illustrations, but I love seeing your hand in the sketches... like you said, the layers and smudges... they're so personal and immediate. Thanks for sharing these!

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