Monday, August 24, 2009

What's in My Bag: Designing Mom Tori

When I had my baby almost two years ago, I threw out the idea of ever traveling light again. I now have to carry a large bag full of "necessities" just to run an errand with my little guy. I still carry my diaper bag most of the time even though my son will be out of diapers soon. (It was made by my friend and fellow designing mom, Liberty , out of fabric scraps from her skirt company). I know I should retire it soon because my son is getting older - but I just really love it.

1. pear lip balm
2. changing mat by Libby Dibby
3. zipper pouch by Henry Road (a gift from Liberty)
4. toy fire truck (I NEVER leave home without toy cars or trucks)
5. cell phone
6. hand sanitizer
7. instant stain remover pen by Tide (for me, not for my child - I spill more than he does)
8. lip gloss (tender heart by Clinique - my favorite and old stand by)
9. EpiPen because my son is allergic to peanuts! :(
10. pen(s) - I don't know why, but I always seem to have multiple pens in my bag, I only photographed one so they wouldn't overwhelm the shot
11. burp cloth by Ally Zabba - this is always good to have something like this on hand, even when your child is older
12. tiny notebook by Hable Construction for when inspiration strikes or quick notes need to be made
13. snacks (another thing I NEVER leave home without)
14. business card holder (I never carry my own business cards - although I know I should - but I love having something to collect other people's cards)
15. Splenda (it's a problem - I always have to add Splenda to my tea or coffee)
16. toy cell phone (my son loves to make calls whenever I'm on the phone so I picked this one up on sale - it was the best $3 ever spent)
17. hair rubber band - I always wear my hair up and always travel with a spare rubber band just in case of an emergency...
18. small board book - this particular book was the toy in a Chick-Filet kid's meal. It's small, lightweight, and not so nice that I'm worried about loosing it
19. emergency set of diapers and wipes - because you just never know (not pictured)


Our Designing Moms said...

i love the firetruck tori!

Tiffany and Zach said...

What a cute bag, and I love the Corduroy book!

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