Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Creative Life: Pod Swaddler

My little one is getting to the age and size where he is the great Mr. Houdini when it comes to the swaddle! I was so excited when Hannah wrote to me about her Pod Swaddler...not only because it is customizable, but also because it can be so stylish ((how cute would it be with a Thomas Paul or Amy Butler print?). Hannah is doing a giveaway today on her blog where she'll be awarding a pattern to make your own and also giving away a Pod Swaddler made by her. Click here to enter!
If you're wondering just what a Pod Swaddler is, read on...

What is a Pod Swaddler?

A special blanket designed to make swaddling your infant easy and stylish!

What inspired you to create this?
I was inspired in a couple of ways. When our twin girls were born early, the nurses in the NICU taught me the art of swaddling and all of the advantages to doing it. All of my babies have loved to be swaddled...but I would get frustrated with the blankets either being too bulky or to easy to escape ;). When I was a baby, my mom put me in an Indian cradle board (she actually used this for all six of her children). It is a leather and wood contraption that she could tighten in the front. She said that we were always very content when she put us in this. So with the idea of being able to tie the front, coupled with my love for designer fabrics, the Pod Swaddler was born!

Are there any issues or gaps that you see with swaddlers on the market right now?
There isn't a lot of selection as far as color and style. Also the swaddlers I have had experience with are cumbersome, hard to clean and have Velcro which tends to stick to anything and everything in the wash. I specifically designed the Pod without Velcro or snaps. It is a very straightforward, light weight design that is easy to wash and fold.

With three girls, what's a day-in-your-life like?
My life right now is full of "uh-oh's," "poopy's" and LOVE. We weren't able to have children right away and finally with the help of modern medicine and a lot of prayers our twin girls came to our family. We were very happily surprised when on the twin's six month birthday I was pregnant again with no help at all! So now we have three girls under the age of 2! Life is crazy but it is the most magical, wonderful crazy! I can honestly say I've NEVER been more happy.


grace said...

Ah I can't get the link to work, and this is so cute!!
I have the same ikea bedspread to. Got to love it.

Our Designing Moms said...

Hi Grace--sorry for the link delay--it's fixed and ready for you to click away!

Hannah Stevenson said...


Thanks so much for your support! So many have come over. I really appreciate the extra time you have taken to let everyone know about the Pod. Another reason to add to the many reasons why I LOVE this site!

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