Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Creative Life: Barehanded Press

A good print goes a long way. You can ask any of the Designing Moms here...we spend a lot of time scrutinizing over the "editing" of a print, be it stationery, products, cakes... Simplicity speaks volumes and I fell instantly in love with Yulianna's prints at Barehanded Press. Read below for more on her "Creative Life" and click here to purchase her creations.

What is the inspiration behind Barehanded Press?

I went to school for art and found myself in a cash crunch after graduating. I decided to put my skills to practical use and print on t-shirts, totes, purses-- you name it. Not having the the money for the expensive equipment one tends to find in commercial print shops, I decided to do all my printing by hand, without the use of machinery. Thus, Barehanded Press was born.

How did you come up with the whimsical motifs for the baby tees?

My baby and kids' designs weren't actually made with children in mind. It simply dawned on my one day that my aesthetic really lent itself to juvenile clothing, so I started printing my designs on rompers and kid's tees. They have proven to be rather popular, so you can expect to see more children's items in my shop soon.

What are the greatest rewards in your creative work?

While I try to keep the pricing on my art affordable, most people can't or don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a print or drawing. Hence, the most rewarding thing about printing shirts is that it allows me to make my work available to people who would otherwise never have access to it.

What about the challenges?

Printing everything by hand means that I can't crank out hundreds (or thousands) of garments each day the way a commercial shop can. This tends to become a problem around the holidays, but I have learned a very important lesson since I started selling shirts a couple of years ago: start printing in June!

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