Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Projects: What's in My Bag

I am just loving this group project that Designing Mom Erika put together. She asked us: What's in Your Bag? Certainly, a life of balancing babies and creative projects warranted some interesting responses for it!

I'll be posting up this series in the coming weeks. I also want to turn the question out there to all of you readers as well: What's in Your Bag? Let's get nosy and pry into each other's bags...send us pics and lists to share!

By Designing Mom Erika

One of the greatest things about my job as a graphic designer and owner of Delphine is that these days I can do my work from just about anywhere (with wi-fi). So I'm constantly on the go. Sometimes I have meetings with my staff at a coffee shop or the back yard or even the beach! Here's what I always have with me when I'm working (besides my other tote bag):

My giant Orla Kiely stems tote bag is awesome because it's big enough to fit my 17 inch MacBook Pro, INSIDE it's Timbuk2 computer bag:

Here's what's inside today:

1. A FedEx mailer with files from a client
2. My trusty MacBook Pro. I'd be lost without it!
3. Pantone swatch book
4. Timbuk2 computer bag
5. Upload cord for my camera (camera not shown)
6. Half-eaten chocolate bar
7. Green Paper Company swatch book
8. Russell + Hazel sticky note pad
9. Quarters for beach parking
10. File folders for current projects
11. Stretchy metal thingy that attaches my pencil to the front of my sketchbook
12. Sketchbook (blank pages) where I keep all my sketches and business notes. I go through one every 6 weeks or so.
13. Press proof of my cousin's wedding program
14. Cute calculator from the Dollar Store
15. Wet Ones antibacterial wipe
16. Clipboard with my latest catalog and order forms. On good days it has orders attached to it!


Cyn said...

What a great idea! It's fun and informative to take an approved peek into someone's bag. Yours is inspiring, Erika. I've been pretty lo-fi in my travels, just carrying a p+s camera and a moleskine for notes and quick design inspirations. But last week I finally bought a smartphone, so that may open some new ways to travel a little more hi-tech. I need to remember the moist wipes! I always forget those...and it's not pretty. thanks for sharing, Erika!

marzi said...

my only question is: how on earth do you only eat half of a candy bar? ;)

Jackie Kersh said...

wow. you know how to pack it in! love that orla bag...

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