Monday, August 17, 2009

Bling Binky Party

Ever heard of a Bling Binky party for a one-year old? Read on about Designing Mom Jenn's fabulous invitations for her client's bling bash!

by Designing Mom Jenn

The party theme was "Bling Binky" and it was for a fabulous client in Mill Valley. At the party all the babies got pretend diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces in baby sizes! IT was BEYOND cute!!

Instead of making the invite look "cutesy" and "baby", the goal was to make it look "baby chic"! I used baby pink colors but brightened them up and contrasted them with a chartreuse green color that I used on the front of the invite and for the envelopes as well.

Then, in order to make the "bling" really sing (!) I used a glue pen to write the word "bling" and covered it with a coppery sparkle glitter so that it really did, in fact, scream "bling"!!

Also, in order to make it less "baby" the wording I generated was a little more grown up - using "Let's celebrate 365 days of Greenley" instead of the traditional 1-yr old birthday lingo. And, we kept the details really short and concise to make it seem more of a grownup party invite, leaving the guests (or their moms, rather!) wondering what the party was going to have in store!

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